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Legal Document Management Professional Service firms create value by people working together...

At the Collaborative Technology Solutions group, we deploy proven solutions that empower firms and individuals to organize, find, govern and share information across teams and their customers.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are your documents difficult to retrieve?
  • Is your e-mail becoming unmanageable?
  • Does the thought of regulatory compliance or a discovery request worry you?
  • Do you spend unproductive time looking for information?
  • Do you find yourself recreating similar documents?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the way you share and collaborate on information inside and outside the firm?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above, we can help you. We are experts in Legal Document Management Systems (Legal DMS) as well as other areas like workflow, records management and enterprise search. We have worked in this field since its inception and have a deep understanding of how law firms, corporate legal departments, accounting firms and other professional service organizations operate.

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our solutions.

We are an International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Sponsor.


New Whitepaper

Practicing Law in the Cloud: Overview and Examples
ALA Annual Conference & Exposition 2011
By Phil David, Director of Technology

This whitepaper explores the benefits and risks in cloud computing, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models, remote hosting and other cloud implementations.




August, 2013. Award winning Pittsburgh, PA based law firm selects Smart Solutions CTS. HP Autonomy's iManage WorkSite document email management solution. WorkSite will be deployed to 400 users across the Firm's 12 offices.

2013Smart Solutions was recently awarded the HP/Autonomy ECM Partner of the Year for the Americas.

November 30, 2012. California-based Biotechnology Company hires Smart Solutions CTS to implement iManage WorkSite and Records Manager for 600 users in the corporate legal department.

August 23, 2012. Ohio-based State Agency selects Smart Solutions CTS to implement iManage WorkSite and Records Manager as organization’s document and records management system across 1,500 users.

Dec 12, 2011. Kansas City, KS area-based law firm hires Smart Solutions CTS to implement iManage WorkSite as the firm's first document management system.

Sep 6, 2011.  Baltimore, MD area-based law firm receives brand-new integration between SharePoint and NetDocuments, developed and implemented by Smart Solutions CTS.

Sep 1, 2011.  Smart Solutions CTS successfully completes iManage WorkSite and DocID implementation for law firm in Valetta, Malta.

Aug 14, 2011.  Smart Solutions CTS completes implementation of iManage WorkSite and RBRO products for major IP law firm based in Cleveland, OH.

Aug 3, 2011.  India and U.S. based law firms hire Smart Solutions CTS to implement NetDocuments.

Jul 22, 2011.  Major law firm with offices in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota hires Smart Solutions CTS to perform disaster recovery and document migration.

Jul 16, 2011.  Smart Solutions CTS is hired by major Pittsburgh, PA law firm to add iManage WorkSite Mobility to its IT portfolio.


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