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LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) redefines business process management by ensuring compliance, accelerating cycles, and connecting people with information and processes, regardless of location. Plus, its integration of Autonomy's market-leading iManage software and enterprise search makes LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) the first and only solution that enables unparallelled use of time-sensitive content throughout the process lifecycle.


  • Enforce Compliance and Best Practices
    LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) enforces adherence to best practices, corporate policies and government regulations by centralizing processes and control structures across the enterprise. It also provides visibility into those processes, notifies risk managers of non-compliance and automates corrective action and responses. In short, LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) provides a secure audit trail by automatically tracking approvals, reviews, edits and business activity at every step of a process.
  • Superior Process Control to Accelerate Your Business
    LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) offers enterprise-class search as well as a full range of user-determined, structured and self-adaptive process options.  These capabilities allow LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) to fully automate the processes of complex business environments and to surface in-process content at the right time in a business process, resulting in better decisions being made in a more complete context.
  • Scale Your Processes to Match Your Growing Business
    Built to address the complexities of any size organization, LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) is underpinned by a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, open architecture that allows you to accommodate the growth of people, processes and information across your enterprise.
  • Securely Connect People, Process and Information Across Your Business
    LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) securely connects all people across the enterprise and geographies with information and process, whether inside or outside the enterprise firewall. As a result, all users can stay better informed, collaborate more effectively and take action on information in real time.

LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) includes everything you require--both now and as your business objectives evolve--to automate and more effectively manage your business processes.

  • Process Orchestration Engine Architecture
    LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) is the only BPM solution that combines enterprise-class search with the full range of structured, participant-driven, and self-altering process options.
  • Process Designer
    The LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) Process Designer allows business users to logically map the flow of a particular forms process with little or no coding required.
  • Form Designer
    Cardiff LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) Form Designer supports distributed form design while providing office workers with the ability to easily create and publish rich online forms.
  • Monitoring and Management
    LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) provides compelling monitoring and management features that protect your investment in processes, give you greater visibility into your business, and help enforce compliance requirements across the enterprise.
  • Enterprise-ready Architecture
    Built to support organizations of any size or complexity, LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) is underpinned by a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, open architecture that allows you to accommodate the growth of people, processes and information across your enterprise.
  • Easy To Integrate
    Through an extensible set of pre-built Connect Agents and API’s, LiquidOffices makes connecting with existing applications seamless for IT professionals.
  • Digital Signatures
    Cardiff LiquidOffice (or Liquid Office) includes support for digital approving forms for companies that require signing capabilities for low-risk transactions, including vacation requests, performance reviews, and engineering change orders. 
  • Mobile BPM Adapters
    Cardiff’s Mobile Adapters enable enterprise organizations to easily integrate and connect with existing business applications, enabling decision-makers to access, review, digitally sign and approve steps in pivotal business processes from just about anywhere in a manner that is secure, auditable and compliant.
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