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Today’s documents are no longer just text and tables; instead, they include a wide array of embedded objects and images, including Excel, Visio, ChemDraw and SmartDraw objects, and imported jpg, gif, tiff, bmp and png images. Mitigate your risks with Litéra’s patented* Change-Pro. Change-Pro's Compound Document Comparison technology enables users to compare every letter, table, embedded object and pixel, including embedded images for true document accuracy and reliability. This patented, third-generation comparison technology is the only product on the market that can compare documents on a granular level.

  • Advanced change management
    Change-Pro® highlights changes made between any two versions of a document. Accept or reject individual, or all, changes. View a summary report of changes or see a line by line comparison.
  • Total document comparison
    Compare the entire document including text, tables, images, shapes, headers/footers, footnotes, comments and embedded objects.
  • Compare formatting
    Change-Pro® highlights any formatting changes, including words, paragraphs and tables.
  • Compare embedded objects within compound documents
    Change-Pro® is powered by Litéra's powerful, and patented, compound document comparison technology. This technology enables Change-Pro® to compare changes to the entire document, including embedded images and Excel objects on a granular level.
  • Compare embedded images and objects
    Compare embedded images (JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc.) and objects (Excel spreadsheets, Visio, ChemDraw, etc.) on a granular level. Change-Pro® demonstrates changes to objects and images by highlighting the changed area on the object or image itself. Change-Pro® also utilizes a patent pending "Intelligent Table Comparison Algorithm,” which ignores structural changes and gives true textual changes as results.
  • Compare PDF documents
    Compare PDF documents in their native format, including scanned PDF documents, with the optional Litéra OCR Server, powered by ABBYY.
  • Convert to a PDF
    Convert documents, including redline version, to a PDF file with ease.
  • Embedded Excel comparison
    Compare and redline embedded Excel spreadsheets. The ability to redline the embedded spreadsheet ensures document accuracy and reliability.
  • Multiple viewing options
    Multiple viewing options include three synchronized scrolling windows allowing users to view the original, modified and redlined document.
  • Print changes
    Enhanced Print options offer the ability to Print pages with changes only.
  • Email changes
    Send emails with attachments of the original, modified and/or redline in multiple formats, including PDF. Create a ZIP package of the attachments.
  • Apply and edit styles
    Choose from various styles that allow users to select how changes are displayed on screen. Users can create a custom style designed to their specific needs.
  • Multiple document version comparison
    See changes between several versions of one document.
  • Multiple comparison saving options
    After comparing changes, the resulting comparison can be saved as a document that shows the redline comparison or as a document compatible with Word’s Track Changes functionality.
  • Functionality customization
    Email and Save dialogs can be fully customized to optimize users workflow.
  • Simplicity: Most users can be trained to use Change-Pro in less than five minutes.
  • Accuracy: Discover every change in your documents, not just changes in text and tables.
  • Responsive: Gain access to a responsive and results-driven customer support team.
  • Integrity: We place the highest premium on conducting business with honor and reliability.

We invite you to experience Change-Pro for yourself. Reach out to us today and take the next step toward complete document risk management!

* Pat. No. 7,818,660

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