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Managing documents professionally

At many professional service firms, the need for a better system of document management is well understood. Keeping track of content, especially when this content is related to a particular client, matter or project, means tracking a lot more than documents. And in today's world, e-mails present a big challenge, not to mention presentations, videos, audio recordings, comments, instructions, or meeting notes.

Using software to manage the information has proven to mostly resolve the problem. The challenge, then, is making sure that users can actually use the software—quickly and easily.

Our state-of-the-art software, the iManage WorkSite document management and e-mail management solution from Autonomy iManage (formerly Interwoven), makes it possible for firms to:

  • Capture content associated with a project or matter for better regulatory compliance, improved knowledge sharing, and enhanced retention execution
  • Secure content for protection of confidential information, reduced access to sensitive content, and increased control of assets and expertise
  • Centralize project/matter management for fast access, for enhanced support for field, remote and on-site teams, and for global reach

And because Autonomy iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite makes it easy for people to manage content, they can let go of the challenges of interfacing with the computer systems and instead focus on using their expertise to do what they do best!

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WorkSite options to fit your work environment

Core platform: iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite provides a platform that supports geographically dispersed groups where people can collaborate—they can create content, share it, and even use project pages to coordinate business-critical activities. WorkSite works the way your people work, not the other way around.

Web-ready: iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite provides secure, collaborative workspaces for managing tasks, group calendars, discussion threads, and views to related enterprise content via the intranet or extranet.

Integrated: iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, meaning it can be used from within the desktop applications which your professionals already know, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. Extensions provide integration points with Adobe Acrobat, Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise.

Mobile: iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite supports your traveling teams by enabling laptop users to connect remotely and/or create cached repositories to access offline. This means your users can continue to manage documents the WorkSite way even when their laptops are disconnected. An BlackBerry option enables mobile workers to access files, file e-mails, forward documents, and provide real-time client service, so professionals can work wherever they are.

E-mail management: For popular e-mail software, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, Autonomy iManage (Interwoven) WorkSite offers e-mail and document management from within the e-mail application, so your professionals can manage e-mail as securely and accessibly as they manage documents.

Records management: For archiving, accessing, and disposition of records in all kinds of formats—not just electronic documents, iManage Records Manager (IRM) is fully integrated with WorkSite. iManage RecordsManager enables management of all forms of records—electronic documents, e-mails, paper files, even records in other systems—from a single policy management center. iManage RecordsManager reduces the cost of managing records and the risk from inconsistent application of record retention policies.

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