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Document Management

Part of an Enterprise Content Management System—along with document imaging, workflow and records management—, the document management system is used to store, find, share, and track electronic document.

Most document management systems store document and information about those documents, called metadata, to promote searchability. They support versioning and provide security options for access control.

The best document management systems are highly scalable, robust, and integrate with existing office productivity software and/or other organizational systems, provide seamless support for e-mail management in native format, and index the documents, including their content and metadata, providing a more robust searching solution.

Benefits of Document Management

Organize. Our systems help you organize your document filing and storage as well as each document's lifecycle. They provide a secure centralized storage location for all your documents (in a library) while at the same time allowing you to store legal matter- or project-related document together (in workspaces). They also provide version control, enabling users to look up and even revert to a previous version of a document in case of need.

Find. Our systems automatically tag document according to their nature, such as correspondence, invoices or technical documents, based on a flexible design tailored for your organization. By using these tags (metadata), they allow searching for document across entire libraries, enabling users to quickly and effectively find the content they need for their work. And by indexing the document contents—including inside zipped files and e-mail attachments—, their location, and their metadata, searching can be made more flexible and more powerful than ever before.

Govern. Through the use of flexible security schemes, our document management systems enable you to better govern your document and their lifecycle. Control who can see your content at any time during its creation process, down to the version. Additional governance and compliance is managed with the Records Management module.

Share. With centralized content and flexible security options, our systems allow you to safely share your work product within and outside your organization, enabling collaboration between all stakeholders in the document's lifecycle.

Current Trends of Document Management

Legal document management has been around for a while, some software packages and implementations being more successful than others. We have partnered with the industry-leading legal document management and legal document lifecycle software creator in order to provide the best-of-breed and most modern technologies to our clients.

Most law firms and legal departments today are acquiring a legal document management system—legal DMS, for short—or updating their existing legal DMS to the latest and best. One large issue here is usability and user adoption: the newest software is very easy to learn and use. In other words, our legal DMS solution allows people to forget about how they need to use the tools and focus on their work itself, which increases productivity.

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